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Figurative and portrait sculptor, I also enjoy creating the fantastic and beautiful. Works are mostly made by commission, along with my own work as and when time allows.

Sculpture work undertaken ranges from hyper-realistic life size busts and statues of famous figures, to stylised and bronze indoor and outdoor sculptures of mythological and fantasy figures and creatures.

Feel free to browse my galleries. If you have an idea, design or just have a space you want a bespoke sculpture designed and made for, be it indoors or outdoors and feel I could help you realize it, please do get in touch.

Bronze figure statues for inside and outside
Original bespoke fine art, from life size and larger to miniatures, like this hyper-real man in a cage sculpture.
Realistic portrait sculpture and statues of famous people



Stylised nude indoor and outdoor fine art sculptures



Original  Sphinx sculpture -concept sculptures designed and sculpted to design brief

Expressive movie star portraits and statues recreated to brief, like Leonidas from 300
busts and statues of classic creatures and monsters
Aragorn, iconic movie star portrait silicone sculpture busts and statues.